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Sol CBD Oil – A Review

Sol CBD is a well known company that has been engaged in the sale of CBD Oil products for quite some time now. Sol CBD is a company that believes that CBD oil can be consumed by people in order to combat a wide range of medical illnesses including ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety and nausea. It is possible to extra pure CBD oil from the cannabis plant by taking recourse to the C02 supercritical extraction method. It therefore becomes essential to make sure that those who do sell CBD oil products are those who always offer their customers with pure and genuine products that will benefit them in the long run.

All about Sol CBD

Sol CBD is in essence a family run organization that was formed in the year 2015 by the husband and wife duo Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky. Both Larry and Oksana had previously been working as health advocates, specifically in the area of natural health, for a good number of years before establishing this small company of their own. The couple firmly believes in manufacturing CBD products with honesty and transparency and has till date been able to demonstrate a good deal of integrity with its sales and products.

Sol CBD Tincture Oil – A Review

Since SOL CBD is a small scale business venture, its owners have decided to sharpen their focus on a specific range of products only, one of which is the Sol CBD Tincture Oil. This is an oil product that is available in two strengths, namely 3600 mg bottles and 300 mg bottles. The former is available for a price of $ 327 while the latter may be purchased for a price of $ 65. The smaller bottle enables customers to enjoy sixty servings while larger bottle offers as many as two hundred and forty servings. Sol CBD promotes its oil tincture as a product that is capable of protecting the body and boosting immune function. The Sol CBD oil tincture can also optimize brain health, reduce inflammation, improve the quality of a person’s sleep and reduce anxiety.

What is heartening indeed to note is the openness with which Sol CBD is willing to demonstrate the contents of its various products. The 3600 mg oil tincture bottle is one that contains about fifteen milligrams of CBD and fifty milligrams of hemp oil per every serving. None of the Sol CBD products contain any harmful chemicals or solvents in them and are completely safe for human and animal consumption. The hemp that is used in the Sol CBD products is that which was grown originally in the northern part of Europe. Sol CBD also makes it a point to ensure that the CBD oil is one that is extracted by using the well known C02 extraction method. The Sol CBD oil tincture comes in two flavours namely the cinnamint flavour and a natural flavour.

Sol CBD has received certificates of analysis from none other than Halcyon Botanicals located in Los Angeles. This attests to the fact that the products manufactured by Sol CBD are a hundred percent genuine and can be safely consumed without worrying about experiencing dire side effects upon doing so.

How can Sol CBD Oil Tincture be consumed?

The process of consuming the Sol CBD oil tincture is quite an easy one. All that you need to do in order to consume this oil is to place a few drops of it right beneath your tongue and keep it there for just a few minutes before you swallow this. The Sol CBD 300 mg bottle comes with a 1 ml dropper while the Sol CBD 3600 mg bottle comes with a 2ml dropper. 0.5 ml is the daily serving that is recommended for each of these bottles. If you end up buying the 300 mg bottle then you get 5 mg CBD and 16.7 mg hemp oil per serving.

How effective is the Sol CBD Tincture Oil?

The Sol CBD Tincture Oil is known to be extremely effective on those who use it on a regular basis. This is not very hard to believe as the contents of Sol CBD oil tincture are a hundred percent pure and genuine. Those who suffer from ailments such as sciatica can say goodbye to their pain once and for all by using Sol CBD oil tincture and can refrain from using any pain medication for relief. Conditions like Fibromyalgia can also be effectively cured using Sol CBD oil tincture. The greatest benefit of using the Sol CBD oil tincture is of course the fact that it does not produce any side effects.

Sol CBD Vape Oil – A Review

The concept of putting CBD oil through the vaping process is one that is becoming increasingly popular and it is not surprising that Sol CBD has decided to take advantage of this and put it to use for their Sol CBD Vape Oil. This comes in one flavour only, that is the mint or grape flavour and the vaporizer needs to be bought separately. The 30 ml bottle offers sixty servings and contains 600 mg. Every serving has 10 mg CBD and 33.3 hemp oil in it. The oil is grown organically in North Europe and contains no THC or chemicals in it. A single bottle costs $ 79 and you can get better deals by buying two bottles for $ 150 or three bottles for $210.

How should Sol CBD Vape Oil be consumed?

The oil simply needs to be placed inside the cartridge of the vaporizer after which you can start vaping. This is a consumption process that lets you control the amount of CBD that you take in daily.

Is Sol CBD Vape Oil Effective?

Sol CBD Vape Oil does not give the same sweet aftertaste in the mouth as do other vape oils. If you are vaping for the very first time, it may take you a while to get used to this. CBD Vape Oil can go a long way in reducing neck spasms and migraine pain.

Where can the Sol CBD Products be Purchased from?

All Sol CBD products may be purchased from the company’s official website. USP’s are used for all orders and customers in America can expect their products to arrive within one to four working days since placing an order online.